How often should your car receive fuel system service? According to our Christian Motors, Inc. service techs, your car should receive fuel system service at least every 30,000 miles or sooner. It depends on your car's behavior. Here's how to know for sure.

Dirty Fuel System, Subpar Car Performance

A dirty or clogged fuel system prevents your car from performing at its peak. It also ages your car's engine and transmission prematurely. As a result, a dirty fuel system makes your car behave like it's much older than it actually is: rough starts, shuddering when idling, losing power on uphill climbs and losing power when towing. Cars that have slow engine response and slow acceleration are probably also in need of fuel system service.

What Exactly is Fuel System Service?

Fuel system service is the cleaning and replacement of your car's fuel system components: injectors, throttle body, valves, filters and fuel additives. Each component plays a vital role. Injectors spray fuel into a car's engine. The throttle body controls air intake in a car's engine. Engine valves shoulder the important responsibility of combustion. These components should undergo service at the interval mentioned above or when you see or hear any of the warning signs of an unclean, compromised fuel system.



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