Tire cleaning using the right products is essential to prevent them from dry rot. Tires mainly develop the browning layer problem, and also, if you use the wrong cleaning products, they discolor and crack.
Always wash the tires before washing your vehicle to avoid splashing grime onto the already cleaned car parts.

Step One:
Ensure you have the necessary cleaning agent for the type of car tires or use the all-purpose solution.

Step Two:
Select a good tire brush with a stiff nylon bristle to help reach into the tire crannies as you scrub.

Step Three:
With a bucket full of water, scrub with a brush the tires one by one using the cleaning agent.

Step Four:
Using a hose, rinse the tires thoroughly with high-pressure water.

Step Five:
Dry the tires using microfiber detailing towels to prevent unappealing spots.

?Step Six:
Having the tires clean and attractive, use the wax protector to retain their look and keep them shining.


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